Schedule it all out!

Take every piece that you wrote out and put in a checklist this week and put it in an actual calendar.

I’m using Trello and showing you how I do mine in the video to your left.

Make sure you’re scheduling the small course creation steps AND the launch plan steps.

How are you feeling now that you’re done with the challenge? Good, bad, ugly? You’re not ugly, you’re BEAUTIFUL! 

I hope I helped you really go through the process of creating this course so that you know every.single.last.step that needs to get done so you can launch your awesomeness in to the world.

Here’s the thing though…it might feel overwhelming.


How in the world am I going to get all of this done?!

Did I just read your mind?!?

When you lay out all the steps and you see it all in front of you it can feel both relieving AND crazy hard to accomplish.

You may be wondering HOW to film videos, how to create those workbooks, how to upload it all and work a course platform.


That’s why I created Crash Course.

To help you bust through the walls of all of the “how-to’s”
that are currently spinning around in your head.

To help you do it right, do it efficiently and do it NOW
so you can stop putting that course off.

this course is normally $297…

Get it RIGHT NOWliterally before you leave this page because
you will no longer be able to access it after you leave
– for…


That’s $100 off PLUS you also get:

  • a webinar slide template pack designed to help you
    create your perfect launch worthy webinar.
  • a Canva workbook/textnotes template so your course
    workbook(s) will be on.point.

Don’t leave this page! You will NOT be able to get this price and these bonuses again.

If you leave this page before purchasing, you lose the bonuses AND the price goes back up.

What will you learn?

  • How to decide on what your course should be.

  • Laying out your course.

  • Setting up your course process.

How to create the course:

  • Video equipment
  • Video editing
  • Creation of workbook(s)/text notes
  • Overview of several different platforms (WordPress options, Thinkific, etc) including “bootlegging” your course if you don’t have any money to spend.
  • How to create & connect your sales page
  • to the course “buy now” page.


Access to the Learn WooCommerce course!


FREE Trello board for your launch plan!

  • Connecting your course with your email marketing system.
  • Up-selling or using your course to lead to other course sales.
  • Beginner marketing via Facebook ads and other marketing how-to’s.
  • How to create a launch plan.