You have a business (or at least an idea for one) but you don’t know how to grow it, how to make it work FOR you or what to do next…right?

How amazing would it be to learn so much in one day that you have a clear track to grow this thing of yours to epic proportions?!?


Yes, I know…it’d be awesome.

there are only 45 spots available!

Join your peers and experts in small business growth for an in-person intensive workshop to get you from where you are now to
“woah, my business is growing like crazy!”



What will you learn?

  • The 5 things every business should be doing to grow.
  • How to make sure your business is more than a hobby (aka, you’re making more than $1,000/month).
  • How to make money in your sleep even with a 1-on-1 business model.
  • How to grow outside of our local/small area!
  • How to effectively market your business.


  • Are you a direct sales rep? Nikki Hill Johnson (a top-earning Beachbody coach) will be delivering a pre-recorded lesson JUST FOR you.

What else is included?


Professional headshots for each attendee (because, I promise, you need one) by Kimberly Friesland.

Lunch & snacks provided throughout the event.

All-inclusive workbook to work through each lesson taught.

Copies of the presentation(s) after the event so you can reference later.

The Details

April 8, 2017

9:00am – 4:00pm


Only 45 spots available, so you better act fast!

Holiday Inn Express Conference Room

West Jefferson, NC

Here’s the thing, I do A LOT of one-on-one business coaching and I can promise you that those clients pay WAY more than this and think it’s totally worth it.

I just finished my call with Jessica[…]. OMG, the whole course would be worth it just for that one call. I got at least 5 practical directives that I can do almost immediately to help me grow my brand and some business coaching that is just priceless. All that wrapped up in a fiercely encouraging conversation that just blew me away. 

Conrad Martin

Conrad Know-how

Incredible value in less than 30 minutes! 

Lindsay Stenovec

The Nurtured Mama

“I want to attend but it’s just not in my budget.”

Ya know what? I get it. I started my business as a BROKE stay-at-home mom and I barely had enough money to pay my bills, much less buy extra.

You can’t afford NOT to attend, especially if that’s the case. You will learn skills that will SKYROCKET your business, your vision and your plans!

This workshop is for you if…

Business Owners.

Have an idea but you just don’t know where to start? I’ll help you!

Biz Owners
who Want More

You already have a business but you KNOW you could be doing more, making more money and doing things differently.

Direct Sales/MLM Reps

You joined the team and you’re making sales but you know you could be doing more.


You have a hobby but you KNOW you could make it in to a business.

You’re local to Ashe County, NC.

This workshops is for small businesses in (or around) Ashe County, NC.

is this you?!?

Who’s hosting this though?!?


I am!

Hi…I’m Jessica Stansberry a local here in Ashe County, NC and a business owner who just loves pouring in to other blooming business owners to help them kick more business booty.

After graduating from App State in 2007, I went the “corporate route” before I left my corporate job in 2010 to raise my babies and start my business. 

Starting out as a web & graphic designer, I have since morphed my business in to a much more perfect fit for me and my goals.

  • I’ve increased my income by 10x in the last 18 months.
  • I’m a successful podcast co-host & have been a guest on many other popular/highly rated podcasts.
  • As a contributer to a published book and a national magazine, I’m going to put “writer” here too.
  • I have grown a community of adoring fans who trust my business advice with all their hearts.

You can find out more about me and my business HERE.

Are you a direct sales rep? I’m getting a little help from my girl


Nikki Hill Johnson

Nikki Johnson is a FABULOUS 5-figure-per-month Beachbody Coach who truly knows what it takes to grow an online empire in a business that’s often coupled with a stigma (direct sales). She has some amazing advice and is just all-around awesome.


How Nikki is going to help?


I’ll be pre-recording a training JUST FOR direct sales reps with Nikki prior to the event that will ONLY be available to workshop attendees. We’ll be speaking about:

– How to reach people outside your friends/local area.

– How to use Facebook, a blog etc to grow your direct sales biz.

This is going to be so much fun!

Do you have questions? Email me.